Baby Shower

In the time when parents-to-be are expecting, there are many things happening, there are many emotions and feelings accompanying the nine months prior to the birth of the baby boy or girl. It is a journey, which begins with the discovery of being pregnant and which in fact never ends, but leads, in the various stages of the baby’s or little girl’s life, to take new steps together, as parents, as children and as a family.

But let’s go back to when our creature is still in the belly of the mother-to-be, just when this one takes over the woman’s body, becoming preponderant and important, when the birth is one or two months away, this is when a party, a party, is organized to celebrate the future unborn or unborn child.

The Baby Shower has its roots in the American tradition and today it is very popular and appreciated in Italy as well, nevertheless the question often arises as to what it is. The baby shower is a celebration made to pay homage to the baby boy or girl who will come into the world, and it is a pampering, joyous moment, often wanted by loved ones for the future “mom and dad.”

Sara Latagliata Events with sensitivity, politeness, delicacy weaves the baby shower respecting the feeling of the couple, conceives the event and every detail with originality, minuteness and refinement.