Wedding Designer

Undisputed protagonists are you, the bride and groom-to-be, you who are about to experience a day that will be unrepeatable, unforgettable and unimaginable.

Words, colors, shapes, music, all combine to make a difference on the big day, which is why Sara Latagliata events models for each couple, a personal, unique and singular design that distinguishes all the elements and phases of the day, in the different places where it is experienced. Everything becomes an expression of the personality, vision, ambitions, and fantasies of the Bride and Groom.

It begins with a talk, explicating the imagery of the Bride and Groom through images, suggestions, past experiences that have captured or aroused attention, of words that remain in the mind, of melodies loved or saved.

Sara Latagliata events welcomes all these impressions, like so many pieces of a puzzle, to orient them in a skillful way, to give life to a captivating, original design idea, where visual, material and sound elements are wisely declined, through a common thread, marked by well defined colors and themes, to materially transpose emotions, memories and expectations and bring out the yearnings of the heart.