Charity events

View the joy of those who can finally have a hot meal

Visualize the amazement of those who receive blankets for the winter

Visualize the enthusiasm of children who will have games to play with

Visualize the relief of those who will be able to use medicine to treat themselves

All these visualizations can be real when through charity events concrete actions are taken, going out to meet each other, actions that like so many small drops in the middle of the sea make a difference.

Charity events are opportunities for sociability, conviviality but also a way to contribute in a positive way to generate change toward those in need.

Sara Latagliata Events creates charity events that generate connections, synergies, lighthearted and joyful moments, with skill and delicacy.

Sara Latagliata Events composes ad hoc, every single charity event, to combine the needs of those working behind the scenes with the ultimate goal of the initiative.