As a wedding planner, my job is to know how to “welcome,” just as in Church the Bride welcomes the groom and the groom welcomes the Bride.

I welcome you, your desires, the vision of what you have always dreamed of or what has surfaced in your thoughts only recently.

This is where the narrative of the “big day” begins.

Standard Consulting

Tell me what you imagine,
What you would like,
And ask me what you don’t know

Smart Consulting

Entrust me with the identification and management of specific providers and issues,
To optimize your time and make winning choices,
in terms of quality and economic expenditure.

Wedding Coordinator

Make me your silent weaver, spinning thread after thread,
skillfully realizes the direction of individual steps,
moments and steps that mark your big day.

Wedding Designer

Avail yourself of my creative flair,
To materially transpose emotions, memories, expectations
And longings of the heart.

Super consulting

Free yourself from worries,
Grasp my firm hand,
To experience a unique journey,
Final destination your big day.

ph: Sergio de Riccardis and Chiara Vantaggiato