Life should be celebrated, and each year is an important stage of living. Each year brings with it, goals, hopes, expectations, the desire to pursue new intentions, new passions or new friendships, abandoned paths and others just beginning.

Turning 18 brings with it meaning; it often allows boys and girls to be able to start driving; it represents the milestone of a new achievement: independence.

Turning 30 is sometimes frightening because it brings with it the knowledge that one has probably said goodbye to boyhood and entered the adult dimension.

Blowing out the candles for the 40th birthday still has other meanings, you look back a bit to look at the road traveled but you are also projected forward, toward new horizons and new goals to reach.

Blowing out the candles at 50 still has another flavor, new awareness, a different maturity, but no less enthusiasm.

It could be the first candle, the one that mom and dad will probably blow out, it could be the first celebration, the one that a tomorrow will look back on in the scrapbooks of memories related to the first year of life. Whatever age you reach, a party must be organized!

Sara Latagliata Events listens to your vision of a party, grasps its precious pieces, and composes a one-of-a-kind party, one that is evocative, captivating, engaging, and overwhelming, where you can enjoy the party, the music, the food, and the presence of friends and family. A party that celebrates your anniversary, authentic and unrepeatable.