Standard Consulting

Sara Latagliata events extends her hand to prospective bridal couples who wish to have a concentrated consultation in four hours, a kind of detailed guide that explains step by step to newlyweds what steps they need to take to arrive prepared for the wedding.

During the four hours, the bride and groom will tell their vision of the big day, ask questions, seek advice and technical help.

Sara Latagliata events, shows how and at what times it is preferable to make specific organizational choices in order to calibrate one’s energies in the various steps to be taken. It provides guidance on how to build the planning taking into account the target budget, setting priorities and distributing the various items based on them, never underestimating unforeseen events. It delves into the questions that are of greatest interest to the couple or that are cause for doubt and perplexity, to help with practical, aesthetic and time management decisions.

Standard counseling is a concentrated cocktail of information aimed at providing the tools
better so that the groom and bride can, with a greater awareness, cross the path that will lead there to the “Big Day.”