Each baby and child are unique, in their color traits, their funny and sweet expressions, their crying or manifesting their first habits, from feeding, to the times they take a nap, as well as in their character, which slowly comes out.

When a small creature arrives in the family, there are new rhythms, new ways in which the family unit moves and organizes itself. The moment of baptism marks the step of a rebirth that is welcomed and celebrated by all, just as it is with the arrival of a newborn or infant girl.

To organize the Baptism, Sara Latagliata Events focuses on uniqueness, a ‘uniqueness that bears the name of the birthday boy or girl, the ideas fielded for each event are born in tune with the new parents, to develop evocative and unparalleled concepts, where imagination is intertwined with colors, shapes, personalized and peculirary themes, whose meaning is dear to the mom and dad of the little one or little one.

Sara Latagliata Events accommodates the wishes of the relatives to build a Baptism party full of excitement and charm.

Immerse yourself in this solemnity