The history of the project and the origin of Nobili Pasticci

Nobili Pasticci is a Cooperative Society established on May 10, 2013 as a result of winning Principi Attivi 2012, Giovani idee per una Puglia migliore, with the project-event “A Cena con la Duchessa.” The mission of the above is “culture at the table.”

“Food is culture when it is consumed, because although humans can eat everything, or perhaps because of this, they do not actually eat everything but choose their food, with criteria related both to the economic and nutritional dimensions of the act and to symbolic values with which the food itself is invested.”

Massimo Montanari, professor of ‘Food History’

Culture and food, for a culture of food. Through the design and creative skills of its team and the peculiarities of its services, Nobili Pasticci gives full fruition to this relationship, transforming the act of eating from an everyday automatism to an experience of the senses and intellect. Meditative, social, experimental, sacred, reminiscent, the table of Noble Pastries is always the realm of taste, understood as the ability and opportunity to encounter beauty and feel satisfied by it, to experience a pleasure fuller than simply material, starting from the papillary sensation and immediately trespassing into other satisfactions. Place settings, communicative concepts, and procured ease make the diner experience the dimension of the event, of which art and culinary aesthetics are now the piers of setting sail now the landings. The cooperative’s offerings are mainly on the double front of food and culinary enhancement and experiential utilization of cultural heritage in general. For this reason, the company prefers to act within the segments of cultural tourism and food and wine tourism, with particular attention to the establishment and/or activation of networks (permanent or purposive) between sector partners, whether economic, institutional or belonging to the world of associations and volunteerism.


The purpose of the Cooperative Society is to carry out the following activities: 1. – Catering and banqueting activities and organization of events in general; 2. – offer advice to amateurs, professionals, bloggers, and students on food history, cooking techniques, foods, pairings, wines, innovative type solutions, trends, designs, flavors, etc; 3. – To popularize and publicize its territory, regional and national, through the foods and wines offered and, if necessary, also the international one, promoting the awareness of citizens and tourists towards the productions of excellence and towards a healthy relationship with food and raw material; 4. – To organize and carry out gastronomic events in refined and innovative arrangements, both in material and design, proposing menus that respect the “mood” of the event, but also creating refined room arrangements, all with absolutely flexible budgets; within the scope of said activity the company will guarantee economic efficiency to the service offered and at the same time an economic return that allows the same company to make the right profit from the activity carried out; 5. – Organize events of a historical, artistic and cultural nature in general; 6. – Organize and conduct educational tours; 7. – Create and organize educational paths; 8. – Organize historical re-enactments in costume; 9. – Organize extemporaneous art exhibitions; 10. – Organizing themed white nights; 11. – Organize nutrition education classes for children: lessons to teach young children how to eat well; 12. – Organize basic courses for adults in cooking, advanced cooking, pastry making, chocolate making, decorating, and ice cream making; 13. – Organize courses in sourdough baking; 14. – Organize landmark events for foodbloggers and bloggers, both Italian and foreign; 15. – Offer advice and operationalization for historical reconstructions of tradition: food and religiosity or food and festivities; 16. – Perform cooking shows with typical products (fairs and events, for institutional and private entities); 17. carry out educational cooking internships; 18. – Making art and design installations of food and with food; 19. – Create packages for cultural and food and wine tourism; 20. – To carry out historically inspired ambient marketing activities; 21. – To offer services for eco-sustainable tourism: historical walks in costume, déjeuner sur l’erbe in costume, outdoor cooking shows, support and services for educational farms, demonstration cooking with fair trade products, events for the enhancement of cultural, environmental and landscape heritage; 22. – Organize and support study days and conferences, guided tours and educational workshops; 23. – Implement and support marketing plans in the food & beverage industry. In relation to the activity described in point 1 (one), the company aims to offer its potential clients an effective consulting activity on the event, which will best guarantee its success; the menus proposed will have to meet the client’s requests, will take into account food intolerances and ad hoc menus will be constructed for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs; excellent raw materials will be used, typical and traditional products but with innovative layouts; cooking techniques will take into account past traditions and technological innovations in full respect of the raw material, having maximum attention to detail up to the spectacular with cooks inventing in the open kitchens during buffets. The company may carry out any other operation that is useful or necessary for the achievement of the corporate purpose; in particular, it will: – market its products; – market its table linens; – offer professional advice and operations in relation to the activities included in the corporate object; – open and manage restaurants and franchise chains; – rent equipment (kitchens, table linens, cutlery, etc.). The Cooperative may carry out all legal acts and transactions necessary or useful for the realization of the social purposes; it may take equity stakes in other enterprises for the purpose of stable investment and not for placement on the market; it may participate in auctions, tenders and private bidding; it may apply for ordinary and subsidized loans from public and private entities; and it may accept donations, bequests and grants from public and private entities. The Cooperative may receive loans from members, aimed at achieving the corporate purpose, according to the criteria and limits set by law and regulations. The manner in which this activity is carried out is defined by special regulations approved by decision of the members. The collection of savings from the public in any form is strictly prohibited.


Noble Pastries designs, sets up, cooks and puts on the table food and wine and cultural experiences that are not necessarily harnessed to the restaurant, respectful of the raw material and the territory to which it belongs. Nobili Pasticci has its roots in Puglia, a wonderful mosaic of crops, typicality, food traditions and food and wine heritage.

The recomposition of these elements manifests itself in various forms in the dishes, but also in a cultural orientation that is part of the company’s mission: to enhance and experience, even through conviviality, the scenic, historical, artistic and monumental beauty of the Italian territory.

Nobili Pasticci is attentive to the development of the area of insistence through the involvement of multiple actors from the productive fabric, trade associations, food and wine and cultural promotion, institutional governance, artistic expressions, and the world of training and education at multiple levels.