Wedding Coordinator

Opening the doors to one’s emotions, feeling the butterflies in one’s stomach or the accelerated heartbeat; never more important than on one’s big day is that the focus be one’s own feeling, the feeling of the person who is about to say “yes,” all other matters can be left out.

Therefore, Sara Latagliata Events provides a wedding day coordination service, which starts fifteen days before the wedding date and ends with the coordination of the day on which the wedding takes place.

All the threads that intertwine and converge toward the fateful date are taken in hand by Sara Latagliata events, who with great tact will take charge of the individual plots, carry out the inspection in the location, in the place where the religious celebration takes place if planned, interface with individual professionals, musicians, choir, celebrant, suppliers of flowers and arrangers to create a shared timeline, to activate precisely, an internal coordination.

And again, through the Wedding Coordinator, Sara Latagliata events filters the possible relational knots and preserve the emotion, joy, trepidation and positive emotions, which pressing come step by step with the approach of the ” big day,” so that this is experienced in total fullness and freedom, mental and emotional.