Kids Party

Once upon a time there was a little boy or girl named…

Fairy tales always begin this way, with “once upon a time,” and during the plot the protagonist or main character faces vicissitudes, fears, and problems that are solved with courage, strength, and the help of special friends, in order to eventually reach the happy ending.

Sara Latagliata Events, accompanies parents with a skilful hand in the design and implementation of the party for the little ones, to answer their many questions, to fulfill their imagination, to satisfy mom and dad’s trepidations.

Sara Latagliata Eevents is the special friend, who in the storyline helps untie knots to enable happiness to be achieved.

The ingredients of Kids parties are constantly changing, based on the interests, passions and curiosities of the children and based on the wishes of the family.

Every children’s party is a new fairy tale to be written and experienced, because even the little ones have a party!