Super consulting

Getting married is a journey, a journey that begins from the moment you receive the proposal or the moment you decide to take this big step. The destination of this journey has as its first stop the “yes” day with all its emotional facets and organizational complexities.

Sara Latagliata events offers a Super organization package, which allows the Bride and Groom to be taken care of from the beginning of the preparations and until after their big day.

A formula that makes it possible to arrive at the big day, followed, accompanied and guided.

It begins with a studio chat, where the Bride and Groom express their dreams, wishes, let their thoughts and words run wild, to evoke the idea of how and what they would like for their wedding.

Sara Latagliata events assembles the suggestions, narrative and preferences expressed, to give rise to a creative proposal, which, after being accepted and defined in detail, leads to design and technical definition.

Together with the couple, a priority plan is drawn up that takes into account the budget and through synergistic action, the roadmap of things to do and the pool of vendors to use is established.

Planning, timeline, division of resource management, technical inspections, selection of and relationships with suppliers, graphic elaborations, briefings with the professionals involved, identification and forecasting of possible critical issues and their solutions, all expertly designed with heart and professionalism.

Every single step is supervised, and decisions and actions are always made allowing for more time, in order to operate calmly and have the necessary space in case of unforeseen events. Temperatures and weather, as well as Plan B, Siae, documents and permits are checked and requested in advance so that nothing is left to chance.

The Super formula has a double value: technical, practical, organizational but also emotional.

What distinguishes Sara Latagliata events is the attention to each individual family dimension, through an approach that, on tiptoe, enters into individual realities, works to protect the bride and groom, their serenity and well-being, small and large attentions and pampering, as with a music playlist for the bride, dedicated for the moment of makeup and hair, or with the ” Sos Sposa” kit composed of needle, thread, patches, hattack, stain remover or liquid lenses, to face every situation with serenity.

Every single piece of the “big day” is composed having respect for the feeling of the Bride and Groom and taking into account all the factors, human, family, emotional, technical, practical and material that contribute to its realization.

And after the fireworks on the big day, after the tears of emotion and joy, after the hilarity, laughter, toasts and celebration, Sara Latagliata events is still there for you to make sure that all the thank-you messages got through to your guests and that your event was unimaginable, unrepeatable and unforgettable.