Bachelorette Party / Bachelor Party

Expected as much by the groom or bride-to-be as by their friends and girlfriends, thebachelor party or thebachelorette party is a time to gather, often with same-sex companions or partners, to show off, drink, toast, take sixths, and have carefree and even camaraderie fun. A way to hold tightly, vividly to those who are about to take the big step, to experience the big day.

Everyone has their own imaginary vision of what that moment might be like-a single day, a weekend away, an intimate situation, an over-the-top evening. There are an infinite number of ways to be able to say “goodbye.”

Sara Latagliata Events gathers the feelings of friends and friends close to the bride and groom-to-be, having their personal inclinations at heart, to package, for each one, with care and attention, an unimaginable bachelorette party or bachelor party.