My personal story

To begin to build a relationship of trust and to be the repository you need to your desires, ideas, as well as events and weddings, I feel it is important to tell you my story, human and personal.

What I am going to tell you is not about titles, plaques or honors, but about the story of a woman, who before being such was a girl with dreams, beliefs and passions.

It is about a journey made up of goals, objectives and sometimes difficulties, falls and changes of pace.

What I write to you lays me bare, with the sole purpose of being honest and transparent with you.

I don’t like to be in the spotlight; in fact, the logo I chose, the caledoscope, puts you at the center of everything. The caledoscope with its changing, unfixed, transforming form, and this transformation takes place precisely from the encounter with each of you, because each of you is a bearer of dreams, but also has a personal, human story made up of aspirations, fears, frailties, anecdotes, memories or promises made to loved ones.

In order to accommodate all this, I count you from the past, present, and perhaps even the future….

When I was 5 years old I told my mother that if she did not enroll me in primary school I would run away from home, actually I left when I was 18, inheriting from my father, rigor, precision, the ability to plan, organize and schedule, from my mother the love of art, history and everything that is an expression of creativity, through colors and matter, perhaps also because of this I graduated in cultural heritage conservation.

While I was studying and working, in the field of events and catering, as well as in pastry, I started organizing events and dinner parties at home, for friends and fellow students, taking care of everything down to the smallest detail.

I have always had a decisive, confident and enterprising character, and I wanted to establish a cooperative society operating in the area, related to tourism, experience, events, as well as the enhancement of cultural and food and wine heritage.

My caledoscope tells a multifaceted story; my passions have become my profession.

In 2012, I returned to Apulia and my Cooperative Nobili Pasticci was born, which for a good 10 years gave birth to all kinds of events and, above all, allowed me to create the format, which later became a flagship, “At Dinner with the Duchess.”

In all these years I have done so many things, as a lecturer, as an event organizer and also as a Chef , because within my education, in addition to my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I thought well of doing one of the best Cooking Academies in Italy-the Boscolo Etoile Academy-to then be noticed by one of the Chefs of a 2 Stars Michelin (Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia), I stayed for a while with them, in Milan, but the call of my land and the desire to do something for Puglia and with the realities that operate in the area was stronger.

I was a winner of the Principi Attivi call, then, many years later I became a PIN “Pugliesi Innovatori” commissioner for the Apulia Region, I was chosen as the Apulian Chef to represent the Region on Prova del Cuoco for an entire season. I led a restaurant in eight months to be listed in the Michelin. In short, I have done and been many things!

Then, the pandemic swept all that away and I locked myself in my fortress, the house.

My company closed down and the format, after numerous editions, no longer had continuity.

But my heart continued to beat, and the passion for organizing, the beauty of human encounters that enrich, warm the heart and leave marks, was always there, like an ever-burning fire.

Today, that flame has returned to burn even stronger and I have decided that my history with events is not yet over, but has been reborn, so today, all that has been, is part of my experience, they are the precious pieces of my caledoscope, from which arises Sara Latagliata events

Now I am ready to listen and welcome your dreams, your ideas and take you by the hand, politely and respectfully but, when necessary, with determination, because, “the narrative begins now.”